Buttery Garlic-Herb Broccoli

A while back, Hubby, Kiddo and I stopped in at a neighborhood steak house for dinner before heading to the theater. I don’t remember exactly what I had ordered – some sort of grilled chicken breast with a side of Broccoli. The chicken was good, but the broccoli was absolutely wonderful. I could have made a meal of the Broccoli – all buttery and bright with a wonderful blend of garlic and other seasonings. Since then, I have been trying to recreate that delicious broccoli at home. Some attempts were closer than others. This recipe is perfect – and a home-run with my guys (which is where it really counts). Hubby said it was some of the best broccoli he has ever tasted. That’s a huge compliment from a man who once complained when I didn’t drown his broccoli in a cheese sauce or Hollandaise sauce or some other sauce.

The blend of garlic and herbs enhanced the beautiful flavor of the broccoli, and the butter – I love melted butter over my veggies. Don’t you? While I generally don’t promote one brand of seasoning over another, after sampling different spice blends – everything from my own combination to the pre-packaged variety – this one had all the flavor I was looking for.

Buttery Garlic-Herb Broccoli
1/2 lb Broccoli
1 Tablespoon Garlic-Herb Blend (McCormick’s has a nice blend)
4 Tablespoons butter, cut into small pieced
1 gallon size zip-lock freezer bag

Cut broccoli into individual pieces and place into the bag. Season with Garlic-Herb seasoning. Shake bag a little to distribute seasoning. Lay bag flat on a micro-wave safe plate. Distribute pieces of butter throughout the bag.

Seal bag, leaving small gap at the center of closure to vent. Micro-wave on HIGH 90 seconds. Turn bag over, micro-wave on HIGH an additional 90 seconds. Check broccoli for doneness. It should be hot and tender-crisp. If still firm, turn bag again and micro-wave on HIGH for another minute. Repeat until broccoli is heated through, tender but not “soft”.

CAREFULLY open bag (it will be steaming hot) and empty into a serving dish. Toss and serve. Perfect with my Buttery Panko Baked Chicken.

Buttery Panko Chicken (3)

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