Chicken Adobo – Kiddo’s Spin

Recently, Kiddo was in charge of cooking the family meal. On the menu was Chicken Adobo, using our family recipe and the crock pot method –Chicken Adobo – Crock Pot Style. The beauty of Adobo is that you can start out with FROZEN chicken. If you start early in the morning, this is fine in a Crock Pot. Start later in the day, and the Stove Top method is great – sort of a “rush job” if you will. Kiddo isn’t an early riser on the weekend, so he used the quick Dutch Oven on the stove top method, with frozen bone-in thighs. It was awesome – some of the best Adobo I’ve ever eaten. Hats off to Kiddo . . . the chicken broth gave the sauce another dimension of flavor.

You can use any kind of dark meat – thighs, legs. It makes no difference . . .

Chicken Adobo – Kiddo Style
1 Large package Chicken Thighs, bone-in frozen
2 Cups Soy sauce
1 Cup Worcestershire Sauce
1/2 Cup White or Rice Vinegar
2 Cups Water
1 Cup Chicken Broth (more if necessary)
1 Tablespoon crushed Garlic (from a jar)
Black Pepper to taste
1/2 large onion, cut into slivers

Place soy sauce, Worcestershire Sauce and rice vinegar in a large pot on the stove. Add water. Stir to blend.

Break up FROZEN chicken thighs (or legs or combination) into sections that will fit into pot. Bring to a boil. Add chicken broth to cover chicken (approximately 1 cup, more if necessary).

Reduce heat to medium-low, cover pot and allow to gently “boil” for about 2 hours.

Add garlic and onion slivers. Let simmer about 20 minutes longer, until onions are tender.

Serve with sticky-steamed rice.

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