Autumn Morning Eggnog French Toast

Another reason to love the season . . .

Rosemarie's Kitchen

I love this time of the year – from now until New Year’s. It’s this magical time of the year when grocery stores stock and carry Eggnog. I have several recipes for making my own Eggnog, but why make it when it’s so convenient to simply reach for it in the dairy section? Maybe one of these years I’ll make it from scratch, but only at this time of the year. While I will have a cup of brandy-laced eggnog every now and again, it’s really for cooking that I love Eggnog. Eggnog elevates so many breakfast foods – waffles, pancakes, muffins, coffee cakes and this morning French Toast. I have two recipes for Eggnog French Toast. One is for days like today, crisp Autumn mornings that on their own aren’t all that magical, but add a little something made with Eggnog and they are transformed into mornings with a…

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