How ’bout a Cup of Joe

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Before I started to write this latest posting, I wondered why do we call a cup of coffee a cup of Joe?  So I went in search of the definitive answer. As it turns out, the answer is shrouded in mystery and speculation.  Some theories on the subject seem more plausible than others.  It could be a phrase coined by FDR.  As the story goes, President Roosevelt was so impressed with coffee served to him by Joseph Stalin that he procured the special beans for the White House, nicknaming the brew “a cup of Joe”.  And then there’s the tale of Josephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy under President Woodrow Wilson.  Seems Secretary Daniels set out to reform the Navy, abolishing the use of liquor on all Naval ships.  Hence, the strongest drink served on board was coffee.  While it’s an interesting idea, it seems unlikely that a term used…

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