Franks and Beans

Kiddo came wandering into the kitchen and offered to help with dinner. I love that about him – offering to help. I told him I had dinner under control. I mean, how much help do you need when making Franks and Beans?

He looked in the pot, beans just beginning to bubble. He noticed something was “broiling” in the convection oven on the counter. Hum, hot dog? He asked.

Nope – Franks. What’s the difference? Franks tend to be longer (although not always); are usually UNCURED and generally made with beef or beef and pork. Some people say there is no difference – so maybe it’s in my head, but Franks taste better.

Kiddo opened the cupboard where we keep our bread. Yep, we have an entire cupboard shelf dedicated to bread. Hubby likes white bread – for his breakfast toast and sandwiches. Kiddo and I like sour dough for breakfast toast and sandwiches that are toasted or grilled. It’s where we would keep the buns – hamburger buns and hot dog buns or steak rolls. Home to the corn and flour tortillas. Kiddo rummaged around. No hot dog buns? No buns. We are having Franks and Beans. The question “No buns?” and the answer “No buns today” became the running gag of the evening – to the tune of “No Milk Today”.

Franks and Beans
2 Cans Van Camp’s Pork & Beans
1 Package All Beef Franks
Ketchup to taste, if desired

Cook Franks under the broiler, about 5 minutes, turn and roll over, broil another 5 minutes or until skin begins to blister nicely.

Meanwhile, open cans of beans and heat in a sauce pan over medium heat until bubbling and warm.

Coin-cut hot dogs. Add hot dogs to pot of beans. Add ketchup to taste, continue to heat.
Serve in large bowls and return to your childhood.


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