Mile-High Hoagie Style Sub Sandwiches

This isn’t so much a recipe for Sub Sandwiches – that’s open to so much interpretation anyway. This is more a walk down memory lane.

Growing up as we did, family vacations were mainly “road trips” – pile all the kids in the back of a station wagon with a mattress (for napping) and lots of coloring books – and off we went. Mom and Dad took turns driving. No one wore seat belts or took any precautions to insure the safety of the children. We crawled around in the back of the family wagon, watching the world whisk by. Our destinations were usually to visit other family members – uncles and aunts and cousins living in other states. Stops consisted of gas stations and truck stops (to refill the thermos of coffee). Restaurants? Who needed a restaurant when you could pack sandwiches. Granted, a mile-high sandwich would have been unheard of – we ate baloney or PB&J sandwiches. Highways were two-lane roads winding through the country side. The folks would spot a safe place to pull over, usually near a meadow or other “picnic” spot. They would pass out the paper plates and fetch cold sandwiches from the stash in the cooler. We’d chow down, watch the nearby wild life and stretch our legs. Dad would whip out the Brownie Camera to capture the moment and then we’d all pile back into the wagon and off we would go. What a grand time we had! When our children were younger, we’d pile into the family car and head out. We had the advantage of fast food for cheap burgers. Other than that, the road trips were pretty much the same. Today, highways are speed traps. Meadows are fenced off. And everyone is strapped into the car, making it impossible for the kids to crawl about. But then, kids of today have video players and hand-held electronics and no one is looking out the window as the car whisks down the freeway. Even on vacations, we are all “plugged in”, with no sing-a-longs or conversations. How sad.

Mile-High Hoagie Style Sub Sandwiches
6 Hoagie rolls, 6″ each
1 Tablespoon Olive oil
1 Tablespoon Red wine vinegar
1/4 Teaspoon Italian seasoning
12 slices provolone cheese
12 slices Deli Ham
12 slices Soft Salami
12 slices Deli Turkey
12 slices Deli Roast Beef
2 sliced tomatoes
1/4-1/2 head shredded lettuce
1 Small Red Onion, sliced into thin rings

Split rolls. Sprinkle liberally with olive oil. Lightly sprinkle vinegar and season roll with Italian seasoning.

Place sliced tomatoes and onions on bottom of roll. Layer cheese and meats on top of onions. Top sandwich with shredded lettuce.

Serve with potato salad, macaroni salad or chips.


Mema’s Potato Salad by Popular Request

Potato Salad

Mema’s Macaroni Salad

Macaroni Salad

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