Vintage Lemonade – a Turn of the Century Recipe

With Father’s Day just around the corner and the 4th of July hot on its heels, there will be plenty of backyard barbecues and time spend reminiscing about the good old days. Why not serve up a refreshing Lemonade that brings back all those childhood memories and more?

The Vintage Lemonade takes a bit more work than simply squeezing lemons into a pitcher of cold water, but end result is a good, old-fashioned turn of the century lemonade that is well worth the extra effort.

Make sure the lemons you use have not been coated with a wax to make them appear “pretty” in the grocery store’s product section. If you have access to a farmer’s market with organic lemons, all the better. Meyer’s Lemons aren’t necessarily the better choice in this recipe as they naturally have a higher oil content that will produce a lemonade with an oily finish.

10-12 lemons (depending on size)
2 1/2 cups white sugar
1/2 Gallon Water (8 cups)

Peel the rinds from the lemons and cut them into 1/2 inch slices. Set the lemons aside.

Place the rinds in a bowl and sprinkle the sugar over them. Let this stand for about one hour, so that the sugar begins to soak up the natural oils from the lemons.

Bring water to a boil in a covered saucepan or kettle. Then pour the hot water over the sugared lemon rinds. Allow this mixture to cool for 20 minutes. Remove rinds from water and discard the rinds.

Squeeze the lemons into another bowl. Pour the juice through a strainer into the sugar mixture. Stir well, pour into pitcher and pop it in the fridge! Chill well. 

Taste before serving. If too tart, add a little sugar. Stir well for sugar to completely dissolve. If not enough lemon, add a small amount of lemon juice concentrate. Taste and adjust again if necessary.

Remember, if serving over ice cubes, you will want the lemonade to be as refreshing with the first sip to the last drop.

Mason Jars with a lemon wedge garnish will give you a fun “Vintage-Country” look.

If desired, garnish jars with lemon wheels.

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