The Pink Stuff

What is it about this simple Jell-O Salad that is so popular? Seems like at every family gathering throughout the summer; someone brings a big bowl of “the pink stuff”. Be it Auntie May or Cousin Mary. When families get together for a pot-luck in warm weather, someone always pipes up with “Oh, and I’ll make the pink stuff.” Or the question is raised “Who’s making the pink stuff?” It’s expected, like Uncle Bob grabbing you in a headlock and rubbing the top of your head or Aunt Virginia kissing everyone and leaving a big, red impression of her lips on your cheek. At the end of summer, the Pink Stuff is gone, only to reappear at the Thanksgiving Table, then poof, gone again.

I like The Pink Stuff. It’s pretty, refreshing and sweet. I’ve never figured out if it should be served with the rest of the meal or saved for later since it’s such a cross-over dish. I wouldn’t consider The Pink Stuff as a salad, and although often served as a side, it’s not the typical side dish either. Yet serve The Pink Stuff as a dessert and everyone will be wondering where’s the cake – the pie – the cookies! The only thing I like better than The Pink Stuff (keeping all things equal, of course) is The Green Stuff aka “Watergate Salad”.

Jell-O Salad – The Pink Stuff
1 Container Cottage Cheese, small curd (16 oz)
1 Box Strawberry Jell-O (3 oz)
1 Container Cool-Whip (8 oz)
1 Can Crushed Pineapples, well drained (16 oz)

Place cottage cheese in desired mold or serving dish. Sprinkle with dry Jell-O.

Fold in cool-whip. Add crushed pineapple.

Chill at least 3 hours or overnight.

You can dress it up or serve it simple – it’s all up to you!

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