Malted Waffles – Almost from Scratch

My gang loves my Golden Malted Waffles from Scratch but sometimes I just don’t feel like whipping up waffles from scratch. We all have our lazy Sundays, when breakfast beckons, the heart is willing but the old bag of bones just isn’t in the mood. When I asked Hubby what he would like for breakfast, he looked at me with an eager smile and said “Waffles.” Hum, let’s see what I could do to satisfy his urge for waffles and my need to remain “lazy.”

At Christmas Time, I gave my son a waffle maker. In keeping with the whole waffle theme, his Christmas package also contained a bag of waffle mix, some top-shelf maple syrup and a cute “waffle” tongs from World Market.  The more I thought about those tongs, the more I realized a “gadget” crazy gal like myself could not live without a waffle tong. (Hey, I have a long-handled knife designed for getting mayonnaise from the jar, down to the last little bit without ending up with mayonnaise all over your knuckles using an ordinary knife). Naturally, I went back to World Market and picked up the tongs for home, along with a bag of Carbon’s Malted Waffle Mix. And in keeping with most of my spur of the moment buys, neither had been put to use. No time like the present.

I’ve made waffles using just the mix. I’ve made waffles from scratch – and from scratch is better. With a little “doctoring” these waffles turned out a close second the waffles from scratch with very little effort.

Malted Waffles – Almost from Scratch
2 Cups Carbon Malted Waffle Mix
4 Tablespoons Butter, Melted
1 1/2 Cup Water
2 Eggs
1/2 Tablespoon Malt Powder
1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract

Mix Waffle Mix according to package directions until just blended. Add Malted Powder and Vanilla Extract. Whip until incorporated.

Prepare waffle iron according to manufacture’s directions. Fill iron, cook until golden. Serve with butter and syrup as desired.


Here’s an almost from scratch syrup recipe to go with these almost from scratch waffles. Mapleine Flavored Maple Syrup

One thought on “Malted Waffles – Almost from Scratch

  1. In our house it’s the sad eyes for pancakes that I get from my husband! After I retired I gave up mixes for the most part so it’s always a scratch effort… But I always keep some pancake mix for emergencies and camping!


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