Bratwurst – for Breakfast?

P1020107When I bought a package of Johnsonville Bratwurst Grillers at the outlet market earlier in the week, Hubby gave me a look. Really? Bratwurst – for breakfast? I could tell he thought I was a little nuts. Hey, I argued – do you want me cooking up some kind of sausage other than Bratwurst on Saturday? Packers – playoffs. Hubby agreed, we shouldn’t be taking any chances.

When Kiddo saw the package of Bratwurst patties thawing in the fridge, he asked if we were doing Bratwurst Burgers rather than our traditional Green Bay Game Day food – Bratwurst in Beer with Grilled Onions. Kiddo was concerned that I was messing with fate. After all, Green Bay did win last weekend. I told him we were having the patties for breakfast. Again, that look asking if I was a little nuts. Trust me, it will be good.

Typically, when I cook up Bratwurst Grillers, they are cooked outside on the grill just like you would the frozen pre-made hamburger patties. (Check out Go Packers – It’s Bratwurst Burger Time!). This morning I decided it was too cold to stand outside grilling anything. Besides, I had Biscuits to make and eggs to scramble. I decided the best way to cook Bratwurst for breakfast was to cook them up the same way I do any sausage patty. In a covered pan with a little water to start the steaming process, then finish off uncovered until nicely browned. Sausage is sausage, right? Okay, so Bratwurst might not be your typical breakfast sausage, but it sure was a delicious change of pace.

Bratwurst Burgers
4 Johnsonville Bratwurst Patties, thawed
3 tablespoons water

Place Bratwurst patties and water in a cold skillet with a tight fitting lid. Cook over medium heat for about 8 minutes. More liquid will be released into the pan as the sausage cooks, more than you will need. Let patties cook in the  flavor-infused steam until almost cooked through.

Drain off excess liquid. Continue to cook, uncovered, until nicely browned on the outside, about 5 minutes. Flip patties and continue to cook another 5 minutes.

Serve as you would any flavorful breakfast sausage. These went really well with scrambled eggs and buttermilk biscuits. Next time I might just try placing the patties on toasted English Muffins and top with a poached or dirty fried egg.

Life is more interesting when you color outside the lines!

Image result for image box of crayons

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