Recipe for Good Times and Great Memories

As many of you know, I have a menu planner. I use it all the time. I’m one of those always thinking ahead but rolling with the punches types. Planning gives me a sense of control in a world that so often is spinning out of control. Adapting to change, accepting the unforeseen and going with the flow keeps me sane.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve – we are headed off to my sister’s house. Family time and lots of game. Rather than have a big hole in today’s plans, I slapped one of my “joke” meal into today’s slot in my planner. (For more on the subject, see What’s For Dinner?) It was then that I realized this is perfect for New Year’s Eve or any time you want to create good times and great memories with those close to you.

It’s a simple recipe – easy to follow and never fails.

The Ultimate Party Recipe
Assorted Appetizers – your favorites or packaged
Party Platters – do it yourself or from the deli
Sparkling Beverages – Champagne if desired, Sparkling Apple Cider – anything bubbly

Pick a Date – Special occasion or no reason at all.

Call your friends & family together.

Play games.

Swap stories and laugh a lot.

Graze the night away and greet the dawn with a smile.

Happy New Year – Happy life!

Fourth of July 1

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