Slow Cooker Pollo en Salsa Picante Rojo

This recipe has been on my weekly planner for a while now. I kept postponing it because I kept forgetting to thaw out the darn chicken. Then it occurred to me – why thaw the chicken? Okay, so thawed chicken could cook in about 6 to 8 hours, but my chicken was going to sit in the slow cooker a lot longer. Typically, from my first cup of coffee in the morning to coming home at the end of the day could be more in the neighborhood of 12 hours. And typically, when using the crock pot for dinner, I started cooking with that first sip of coffee. So frozen chicken should be just fine. Plus one for this easy, delicious dish. Experience has taught me to use as little additional liquid as possible when cooking in a crock pot. (Remember, the lid of the pot will add condensation to the contents, and unless the additional liquid is packed with flavor, the condensation will only dilute the end result). Omitting the water in the original recipe meant using only two ingredients. Another plus for this dish. Put chicken in pot, cover with salsa. Yeah, that I could easily do – even in my sleep!

The results were wonderful! The chicken was falling apart tender and packed with salsa flavor. Yeah, this is one recipe I’ll be serving up again and again. Add rice, beans and warm tortillas and you’ll have a Mexican Restaurant style huge helping of yummy goodness without all the dining out hassles. Now if only I could get someone else to clear the table and wash the dishes. Oh wait – I’ve got Kiddo and Hubby for those little chores – so in my book this is a really awesome meal.

Slow Cooker Pollo en Salsa Picante Rojo
16 oz. Prepared Salsa, medium or spicy
4 Chicken Breasts, boneless, skin removed (frozen is fine)

Place FROZEN chicken breasts in slow cooker. Pour the salsa on the chicken. Cover and slow cook on LOW for 10-12 hours.

Serve chicken with your favorite south-of-the-border sides or shred for tacos. (If serving as tacos, I’d add another breast for good measure).


Looking for side dishes? Might I suggest Authentic Spicy Spanish Rice or Mexican Rice with Chunky Salsa and Super Easy Refried Beans.

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