Thanksgiving Memories and Recipes

Here it is, a week before Thanksgiving, and I haven’t had time to test drive any new recipes. So I’m going to share last year’s post for those of you who may have missed it. And next year I’m going to steal a page from Tux over at Brooklyn Homemaker and do a test run way before November rolls around. Besides, isn’t that a great excuse for a dinner party? Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Rosemarie's Kitchen

Growing up, I remember Dad rose on Thanksgiving morning long before the sun did. He made the bread cubes for his wonderful stuffing early in the morning. I can remember wandering down the dark hallway toward the kitchen, drawn in by the smell of bread toasting. Dad would be sitting at the kitchen table, enjoying his last leisurely cup of coffee of the day. There was so much to do before all the uncles, aunts and assorted extended family descended upon our house. Dad would pour me a cup of coffee (lots of cream and sugar, with just a splash of coffee) and we would sit together in the quiet of the coming day. As he sipped the last of his coffee, he would stand, give me a wink and then get busy. I can see him now, moving from task to task, with a kitchen towel draped over one shoulder…

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