A Sister’s Tribute to Her Brother: Spanish Chicken with Mushrooms and Green Olives

When I originally shared this recipe back in June, it received some attention (thank you). Since then, my beloved brother has begun his final journey “home” and we, as a family, will be spending this Thanksgiving saying our good-byes. Oh how I wish I could make this dish one more time with my brother at the table. Remember to laugh out loud and love with all your heart.

Rosemarie's Kitchen

I love my brother dearly – for two reasons. He’s the only brother I have and he has the biggest heart. Up until he became ill a year ago, my brother wandered around the city caring for 300 stray cats. He fed them, made sure they had fresh water and even took them to the vet when they got sick. In an effort to cut down on the stray cat population, he captured those he could to have them spayed or neutered – all out of his own pocket. My brother didn’t make much – he worked as a delivery person for our town’s only paper by day and drove a taxi by night. As a taxi driver, he picked one passenger each night to give a free ride to, based on conversation or circumstance. He didn’t let them know the ride was free until they had reached their final destination. Generally…

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