Grape-Stuffed Kahlua Game Hens with Kahlua Sauce

This beautiful, delicious chicken recipe was one of my earliest posts, before Rosemarie’s Kitchen had much of a following. It truly deserves a second look. The elegant presentation lends itself so well to special occasions – perhaps a small gathering for New Year’s Eve. Cheers!

Rosemarie's Kitchen

kahlua_bookWhere my little Kahlua cook booklet came from, I haven’t a clue.  I don’t know if the booklet came with a bottle of the delicious elixir or if I picked it up in a grocery store check out line.  All I know is that I’ve had my little booklet for over twenty years now.  I say “booklet” because it’s much too small to be considered an actual “cook book”.  It’s packed with all sorts of yummy recipes, all using Kahlua in some way or another.  This recipe is one of my favorite.  The game hens, when placed on a bed of long grain and wild rice, surrounded by grapes and sliced oranges, make a picture perfect presentation.  Whenever I’m in the mood for some top shelf cooking without a lot of fuss, this is the recipe I turn to the most.  It’s a Sunday Special in our house even when…

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