Cheater’s Chicken Mole Bright Idea!

Did ya ever have one of those moments when a light bulb came on – and the idea was so simple, you wonder why you didn’t think of it years ago? Here’s an example – I always add wine to my spaghetti sauce. When I’ve used a jar sauce as a base, I’ll place the lid back onto the jar, and turn the jar up-side-down to get every last drop, while pouring the wine directly into the pot. One day I was standing there, looking at the jar sitting up-side-down on the counter so the lid will fill with the last of the sauce when it occurred to me – pour the wine into the nearly empty sauce jar, close the lid, swirl around and dump the contents into the pot. Duh!

Tonight, I was making my Cheater’s Chicken Mole. I’ve talked about how difficult it is to get the concentrated mole sauce to dissolve into the chicken broth. As I scooped out the thick, nearly solid concentrate into my standing mixer bowl, I started to think about other things – like warming a cup of coffee in the microwave (I’m a powdered cream kind of gal, and if the coffee isn’t warm, the creamer just lumps up in the cup – yuck!) That’s when the light came on.

Warm the chicken broth in the microwave BEFORE adding to the mole concentrate. Guess what? In no time at all, the concentrate dissolved into the warm broth – just a few minutes of stirring completed the once pain in the . . . task. I’ve since gone back and modified the recipe to include this one simple time-saving step.

The solution was so obvious, I don’t know what took me so long. And I had to pass it along . . . .

Happy Cooking Everyone!


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