Dad’s Kabobs & Summers Long Ago

As summer draws to a close, I thought I’d share once more the first recipe posted to Rosemarie’s Kitchen. My Dad’s awesome Kabobs. This is one of the best marinades, delicious on chicken or beef. Here’s to you Dad!

Rosemarie's Kitchen

Running in the sprinklers.  Catching butterflies.  Anxiously awaiting the ice cream truck.  These are all parts of summer’s long ago.  Simply times.  No worries. Growing up, Dad’s awesome kabobs were without a doubt a summertime favorite of mine. It seems only fitting that my first “blog” would be this recipe and all the memories it holds.

Beef - Beef Kaobobs 7-22-13Dad would marinade chunks of steak the night before, and then put the kabobs on the spit to slowly barbecue over a bed of hot coals in his trusty Webber. It seemed to take forever, the savory scented ghostly-gray smoke floating through the backyard, causing our mouths to water. Dad made us wait until the first piece of meat fell from the skewer. Only then was it considered “done”. My brother and I would dance about in the smoke, excitedly waiting and watching for that first morsel to fall and sizzle madly on the red-hot…

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