Best Ever Cinnamon Bread French Toast

If you have a Costco near you, RUN don’t walk to the bakery section and pick up a loaf of Greenleo’s Best Cinnamon Bread. I kid you not, this sticky, sweet bread will transform into the most awesome Cinnamon-Roll-French-Toast extravaganza and your entire family will be doing a “It’s a Beautiful Morning” happy dance around the breakfast table. So quick, so easy and oh so delicious!

Cinnamon Bread French Toast
1 Loaf Greenleo’s Best Cinnamon Bread
3 large eggs
1 cup Half & Half
1/2 Teaspoon Fine Baker’s Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1 Pinch Nutmeg

Using a blender or electric mixer, blend together the eggs, half & half, sugar, vanilla and nutmeg until smooth. Pour mixture into a shallow dish or bowl large enough to dip the bread into.

Heat a flat griddle to about 300 degrees.  Lightly butter hot griddle. Slice bread in half.  Dip bread into egg mixture. Grill bread for about 3 minutes or until nicely golden, flip and grill other side about 2 minutes.  Once bread has been flipped, smear on a little butter so that it melts into the bread.

If desired, dust with powdered sugar and chopped pecans or serve with warm syrup.

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